Is Overpopulation Going To Be The End of Humans?

Over the years there have been endless discussions on the world, its demographics and where we are all heading. There has been numerous analogies from various speakers, text and researchers citing the end of the world, population decline and economic downturn.

Lingering questions

But, are we really heading toward a population implode? Is the world really coming to an end? Will there ever be a great financial depression or will we continue to make less and less children until the last of us die and humankind, as we know it, will become extinct?

These are some of the questions raised by many over and over again, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk back in 2017. Musk boldly stated that the world is heading towards a collapse. His statement lead to a widespread reaction.

Population growth/decline

It appears, according to various history writers, that in the year 1, there was a mere 200 million people living on earth. As time passed and we continued to procreate, this number gradually increased with huge spikes at certain times.

Take for example the year 1900, according to the writers at thoughtco, this year started with a world population of exactly 1.6 billion, however, over a period of 50 years, the world’s population grew by almost a billion people.

If we continue to look through history, all that we have noticed is a steady growth in the world’s population. The United Nations has corroborated this trend by giving a forecast of continued population growth. The UN has forecast a population growth of almost 2 billion by the year 2050 ariving at 11.2 billion by 2100.

World Economy

This is where we believe the fear of an economic crises lies. In order to have a stable world economy a few things are needed, work force, consistent output and stable inflation.

What we see happening in the more developed countries such as the US, Denmark, China and Singapore, is a decline in their citizens’ ability to reach their country’s replacement fertility rate.

What this essentially means is that people are making less babies or not enough babies. A decline in procreation, if coupled with a short life expectancy rate, could lead to lessened spending power, earning power, less productivity (which means less output) and by extension a potential economic downturn. Will this ever happen? We are not sure, because as covered above, population decline seems not to be a real issue for the rest of the world.

Life Expectancy

Worldwide, the average life expectancy rate was 70.5 years according to the United Nations World Population Prospects 2015 Revision. However, a later study carried out by the World Factbook cites a much lower rate of 69 years (67 years for males and 71.1 years for females).

While life expectancy seems to have dropped of recent times, there has been an increase over the previous years. The introduction of technology in the medical field coupled with a generally more educated population has led to an increase in the past.

Education and Technology

These two features have worked hand-in-hand and has impacted the way we live in a major way. Our lives have changed from telegrams, to telephones and mobile phones; and this change continues.

We believe that it is because of increased education and technology that we have reached a point of having so many unanswered questions. Over 83.% of the world’s population over the age of 15 can read and write with the only less than a billion illiterate adults concentrated in only 8 countries.

Will education and technology be our enemy or our friend? Only time will tell but what we do know is that they have been good to us thus far.

3D Orthodontics -The Much Awaited Solution

3D Orthodontics is a fairly new dentistry field. It involves integrating 3D technology into orthodontics to virtually create a digital model of a patient’s teeth. This then enables the process of repositioning the teeth to be easy, fast, and highly accurate.

They say change is inevitable and usually there is a lot of mixed reactions. The change, in this case, is none other than 3D orthodontics. Before you start judging too quickly, we will take a quick tour into the benefits of 3D orthodontics. But first, a small revelation.

Having a perfect smile is usually a major confidence builder and everybody envies such a smile. It is therefore important to visit the dentist’s regularly for a thorough dental check-up. The 3D imaging and printing technology has just made the visits to the dentists more effective. How may you ask? Let us delve into some of the pros of the technology.

• Patients are more trusting

No matter how hard it is to believe, some dental patients do not have faith in the conventional dental check-ups. Of course, 3D orthodontics only does some of the work but this is a major game changer. The fact that the results of the scans appear in 3D, there is a high chance that this will erase the patient’s skepticism towards a visit to the dentists.

• Accuracy and comfortability

The traditional method, that is, biting the impression material is unpleasant and to some extent nauseating. With 3D orthodontics, you can say goodbye to this feeling. A simple and quick intra-oral scan gives off the needed details without any discomfort. For accuracy, especially in 3D printing models, the 3D imaging captures the exact form of your teeth. Something that the impression material could not, particularly if it stayed in the mouth longer than expected.

• Prevents future problems in children

Thanks to 3D orthodontics, amazing inventions like clear aligners are available.

• It is more appealing

The traditional braces are effective for teeth alignment but the sad truth is, they are not visually appealing. 3D orthodontics is flexible and equipped for an Invisalign. The Invisalign uses plastic aligners to align and straighten the teeth. Compared to the conventional metal braces, Invisalign is less painful and the results are pleasing.

• Time Saver

Without 3D digital imaging technology in dentistry industry, small orthodontic care took ages. But now, you can have the smile you have been longing for within no time. Dentists can design the appropriate treatment in a blink of an eye.

• Adult orthodontics is now possible

Looks like 3D orthodontics is great news for the adults. Initially, adult orthodontics was scarce and often not much could be done. The new trend in the dentistry field has found the solution to this and many other problems. People have gathered enough knowledge on teeth straightening and can now be part miling crew’ after undergoing 3D orthodontic care.

Really, there is no telling how far the benefits of the new technology in dentistry go. Increasing accuracy, comfortability, saving time and enabling healthy teeth growth in children are just but a few on the list of benefits. Smile with confidence by visiting a dentist with 3D orthodontic care services.